Saturday, 22 November 2008 Blog

Side track a little away from Mino, I've found many interesting blog articles here (Credits to them for the articles quoted below)

- Doggie Dogtors
- Podcast for pets
- Top 10 least destructive dogs (Beagle is not one of the ten.. Lol)
- Top 10 most destructive dogs (Beagle is... Sighz)
- Dog to take witness stand
- Top 10 least aggressive dogs (Expectedly...)
- Top 10 most aggressive dogs (Unexpectedly...)
- Life of a police dog
- How a dog hug a baby
- Smartest Dog (True?)
- Dumbest Dog (Untrue~)

My favourite post so far is:
Seriously, my heartfelt sentiments... i wanna tell the hero is "Thank you"

Signing off

Monday, 10 November 2008

Still energetic after an hour's long walk

Mino: Today, i had an hour plus long walk. Liam & Wanzi brought me to a pet store, bought me treats + new toy + jeans jumper!!

But the naughty & excited me couldn't wait to get home and eat my new treats!!! I just tugged my way home! Woof woof!

Wanzi: Little Mino was still super energetic after the walk... she went into one of the rooms and started on her "hunting & sniffing" mode. Busy going through each and every corner of the room, even the bag of rubbish was also not spared...

Wanzi: Liam was working on to frame his precious Manchester United picture of many many many years ago. While he turned to get something, Mino who was sniffing around nearby, (most probably waiting patiently for the chance)... turned around and reached out for it!
Liam: NOooOooOO! CannoOooOooT!!!!
p.s.: We try not to tell her "No!", rather we try to use the word "Cannot". In case she thinks we are calling her when we say "No!"

Liam: After the failed attempt, she continued her sniffing adventure... attempting to appreciate the wines~
Mino: So boring! Nothing to bite~! Nothing to chew~! Nothing to eat~!
Liam & Wanzi: The truth is... she got tired from all the hunting and sniffing, she took a quick rest... before continuing round 2.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Man United Fan (Part 3)

Liam got up at 4am to watch a Man United match against Celtic on 6/11/08. Guess what?!
Little Mino got up too... Liam let her out of her bed, for her to walk around. Instead she went over to him, snuggled beside and watched with him~
So sweet of her! Unfortunately, the match drew at 1-1.

Liam: Nope, she wasn't wearing her Man United jersey~ Lol!
Watching the match...

Thursday, 6 November 2008