Friday, 18 December 2009

The culprit~

17 Dec 2009

Liam was sending Wanzi home when my nose brought me to the table and i could smell "FOOD"! Since i know he won't be back so soon, i will take my chances... need a plan! A good plan...

I jumped up onto Liam's bed, went over to the study table... stretched out my paw (or maybe hopped onto the table) and here's my prize! A white & red box... with two buns, lettuce & beef patties.. YUM YUM!

Shoot! He's back! But how did he know i ate it?!

Here's the culprit who ate the whole BIG MAC! Hiding in the corner while Liam is scolding her~ with that pitiful & sorry look

Look at the box, it's absolutely CLEAN! Greedy MINO!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Birthday Surprise for Obi

On 18 Jan 2009, we brought a birthday surprise gift for Obi whose birthday falls just a few days earlier.

All 3 of us went over before going for my walk. And Obi's sense of smell is so strong, he couldn't stop trying to grab the present from Wanzi & his owner's hands... Here's the goodies:

PS: Wanzi & Liam bought an exact same one for me recently on 05 Jun 09.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

My walk to East Coast Park

As usual, Liam & Wanzi brought me out this weekend to East Coast Park. It's the first weekend of 2009, first trip to East Coast Park of the year! Same place yet again, but no complains from me! (^_^)v

Now that Liam has started working in Dec last year, i've been getting lesser walks. In the past, i get to walk almost daily except during raining days. Now, i get to be walked at least once a week. Only *period*. So i must treasure my walks and sniff as much as possible! <--- One of my new year resolutions! Hah! On our way to the park, a sign that was supposed to show "No Riding. Fine: $1000" for offenders who rode on the overhead bridge.
Here's a picture of me crossing the overhead bridge. Those cars zooming on the highway below looked like toy cars~

Tugging Liam to be faster as i picked up a scent right in front, to the left!

Taking a break at the fountain area. Couldn't take my eyes off that ice-cream that Wanzi is enjoying!
On our way home, but but but, i AM still very energetic!

Liam: 3 furry cats looked at Mino, from the moment we were in sight. Their eyes following us around, so cute!

Wanzi: 3 cute cats were looking @ Mino. So we decided to take a picture of Mino and the cats, but they have decided to ignore us. All looked away~ (T_T)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Eve & Happy New Year's Day~!

Hi furry pals~

Happy New Year to you!
How did you spent your NYE? Liam's friends came over to our place and... ...

Wanzi brought me out for an hour's walk whilst Liam had to be at home as his friends were coming over!
So many guests came and I AM the star of attention... Plus, endless playing and "FOOD IS EVERYWHERE". The only obstacle is getting it from them~ *heehee*

Wanzi: Little Mino got soooooo excited as she was getting attention from everyone~ kept barking and barking... ran around the house, jumping sofa to sofa, bit us when she played a little too rough. And even got herself punished by Liam for being so disobedient. Poor Mino... I'm sure the 5 mins punishment felt sooooo long. She just showed everyone her pity look... Awwwww

Mino: After counting down to New Year's Day, Liam opened up a NEW TOY for me! YEAH!!!!!
Here's my cute picture while waiting for Liam to open the toy~

At that very moment when Liam got the toy opened, my attention was on his friends who were eating~ he called for me and with no reaction after several calls, he placed it on the floor... FINALLY after a few secs later, i grabbed the toy and turned on the "Do not disturb" mode~

Liam: She was really distracted that day, usually she would try to snatch the toy from me while i was getting it out and the moment i got it opened. This time round, i HAD to get her attention~ *LoL*

Mino: Here's a snapshot of me chewing the toy~

Wanzi: As usual, Mino's routine is to grab the toy, go to a corner or a spot and start playing the toy by herself. "Do not disturb" mode turned on as no matter how we try to get her attention, she would ignore us... ... unless there's FOOD! After she played enough, she will bring her new toy to you.... asking us to play with her! *CUTE*

Here's a blur picture of Liam and Mino playing tug with the new toy. Try spotting them and the toy! (^_^)v