Friday, 18 December 2009

The culprit~

17 Dec 2009

Liam was sending Wanzi home when my nose brought me to the table and i could smell "FOOD"! Since i know he won't be back so soon, i will take my chances... need a plan! A good plan...

I jumped up onto Liam's bed, went over to the study table... stretched out my paw (or maybe hopped onto the table) and here's my prize! A white & red box... with two buns, lettuce & beef patties.. YUM YUM!

Shoot! He's back! But how did he know i ate it?!

Here's the culprit who ate the whole BIG MAC! Hiding in the corner while Liam is scolding her~ with that pitiful & sorry look

Look at the box, it's absolutely CLEAN! Greedy MINO!