Saturday, 27 September 2008

Mino's toy box

Here's Mino's toy box as of 2008-09-20. We bought a new toy for her today. Guess which one?
Wanzi: She was barking for a toy to play with.

Mino choosing her toy, sniffing through almost every toy in it.

Finally, she has decided. Coincidentally, that's the new toy we bought her today. Unfortunately, we've opened the donut toy today, so we saved it for another time!

Mino: It's alright. I'll destroyed the donut and play with my new toys!!! =p

Wanzi: Fyi, donut toy destroyed in less than 5 mins. Liam's maid mended the "hole" (see link below for pic) and least it lasted... a few more days.

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Friday, 26 September 2008

Supper @ Chai Chee & HK Cafe


Liam & Wanzi brought me out for supper. My first late night outing, by the time i got home... it was already 12.45am.

They went to eat 'Chai Chee Bah Chor Mee', I had ice treats *doggyliciously cold* from them.

It's alright that no one gave me anything to eat. I found a fish cake on the floor myself. Eyeing it... but no matter how i tried (See i was perched 45degrees forward), the stupid leash had me near Liam. Fish cake got cleared shortly after. *Sobs*

I tried my last bit of effort to lick anything off the table, ended up with nothing plus entangled with my own leash. *whine*

Mino and Batman

Liam: I m going to tell u all a very big secret. Batman is not Bruce Wayne!! Batman is my brother. I came to this conclusion because he wakes up only in the night, comes home in the morning and sleeps thruout the day. must be all the crime fightin in the night. in a bid to wake 'batman' to eat his dinner, i sent sidekick mino on a secret mission to wake batman from his batcave.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ice Cream Chef at East Coast Rd.

her eyes totally fixated on the ice cream. sorry but u cant eat that....=p oooh and check out her new burberry pattern leather collar that i bought from ebay. petshops in sg really charge some really high prices for their collars.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Time to Shower!

1st time bath mino by myself. maybe the sink looks too dangerous, but she didnt struggle one bit throughout the shower.! after that put her on a stool and use a hair dryer with cool function to dry her. no struggles also! fed her *buah duku (a fruit) becos she so well behaved. rather, she could be very very scared. lol

Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Winning Formulae~

Wanzi: I know it's bad of me to poke fun at her cute name... but i just couldn't resist the nonsense thoughts after i did a "MINO" search on the internet.

Mino = Miniature beagle that acts innocent, is actually naughty, yet outgoing.
Mino = Menace/Manic + Innocent/Intelligent + Naughty/Nice + Opinionated/Outgoing

Search in the internet returns: M.I.N.O. abbreviation =
Mobile International Network Operator
Married in Name Only
Money is no object
Moderates in name only
Ministry of Information and National Orientation
Made in New Orleans

Search in the wikipedia returns:

My name is Mino, not Nino!

Mino: On the day Liam and Wanzi came to adopt me home...

Liam & Wanzi: "Let's call her what her owner named her"
Liam: "So what's her name?"
Friend: "Her name is Mino"
Liam & Wanzi: "Nino?!"
Liam: "How do you spell it?"
Friend: "M. I. N. O"
Liam & Wanzi: *Laughed* and *Phew*

Well you see, Wanzi is crazy (i mean "in love") with this japanese boyband name "Arashi". Arashi consists of 5 handsome boys and one of them is call "Ninomiya Kazunari", fans call him "Nino".

Then Liam pokes at Wanzi: "Lucky she is Mino, not Nino. Else, we gotta find (the rest of Arashi members) Ohno, Sho, Aiba & Jun".
Wanzi: @#$#%$^&&^* "Well, beagles live in packs anyway!" =p

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Unleashed~ Ironic or Coincidence?!

Wanzi: On sunday 14/09/08, Liam and I brought Mino out for a walk. As usual, she would either freeze still or tug to leave whenever she is near any dog (regardless of it's size).

During the walk, we saw a female beagle from the next block. We stopped and greeted each other and Mino was trying to get away. All the time Mino was tugging away from me and the beagle... Suddenly, Mino started running away. I was left there, alone with her leash! Thanks to her petite size, she just squeezed herself off the leash!! Immediately, i went chasing after her. She stopped when i caught up with her, put on her leash~

Ironically (or coincidentally), Liam and I went for a movie the next day. This trailer came on and i just couldn't stop laughing. The scene was almost the same except that I was the one holding the leash, the music wasn't right for the mood... & it was MINO~

Credit to original uploader

Mino's list of destruction

Here's a list of stuffs which Mino has destroyed:
The buckle of her yellow harness
Sqeaky newspaper toy
Rattan basket bed
Black cover of her pink bedding (Her new bed)
Liam's mother favorite pair of slippers
Rope frisbee toy

Here's a list of stuffs which Mino has been chewing on (despite scoldings):

Edge of wooden cupboard
The massage chair (picture only shows one side of the destruction)
Cloth (Even her own blanket)
Slippers (Caught in the act~!)Bars of the metal gate

Whenever we could not hear her bell from her collar, it would mean that she is up to something mischievous... once we check out what she is up to, she will stop what she's doing and show us her puppy look...

Mino: I'm innocent~ *puppy eyes*

Monday, 15 September 2008

Lehman Brothers Collapse = No Food.

16 Sep 2008, as superpower US heads into a recession, it was on the morning news that banking giant Lehman Brothers had collapsed. This may be too big of a collapse which will worsen the already badly hit capital market. coincidentally and worryingly, it was Mino's 1st time that she didnt finish up her kibbles meal as news were flurrying during her breakfast time. did she sense the looming grey clouds that may be cast upon the whole world?
Nonetheless, i hope that it was one of her tantrums and resume eating during dinner. my maid says she is looking for her baby carrots. otherwise, it would mean that the whole entire bag of 15 kg kibbles has some problem (maybe worms, but i couldnt find any.)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I'm a RED DEVIL~!!!

Today, wanzi came to pick me up for walk when Mr. Sun has gone home. It was dark outside and my first walk so late into the night. She brought me to a cafe near our place called "JK Don Cafe & Bar" and i met Liam there. I greeted him and then i realized that both of them are wearing white tops with a huge "AIG" written across.

Liam was so happy because his fav team scored a goal! After i checked-out the area they were at, i started to enjoy myself too. Seeing that i was so well-behaved, i had a treat! Yummy! Then i overheard liam telling wanzi that "Mino is a gd girl, we can bring her out more often!"

Time passes and i started to get a little bored. I got occassional attention from Liam's friends but i just lay there and rest. Wanzi brought me for a short walk and i sniffed all the way. After i returned from my walk, the guys from other side of the cafe started shouting happily. I wondered what happened... but Liam and friends looked sad.

After a while later, the guys on the other side got excited again. I started barking at the television. Wanzi and liam calmed me down and she then turned to me and said "Next time when Man United score a goal, you can say 'ooooh ooooh'."

So it's called Man United, and they were waiting for a goal! Sadly, they lost the match today. Don't worry, they will win the trophies! Because Mino is now a RED DEVIL ...

PS: Sorry, no pictures today...

Sunday, 7 September 2008

To diet or not?

Today, liam, wanzi and i went for an hour's walk at the park behind. After the walk, we went to find my handsome neighbour Obi! They read an article which illustrated on the figure of dogs. They praised him that he has the standard bodyline of a dog, and then turned to me and said "But she doesn't have it".

How could they say i don't have a good figure. I'm small in size, it is not a crime to have a tummy! Don't forget that i have good appetite but i exercise+play a LOT!
See! I'm proportionally okay, OK!

Nonetheless, i toyed with the thought of dieting. Was contemplating if i should eat lesser... by sacrificing a quarter of my baby carrot during dinner.
Then i decide not to go on a diet. I'm in the acceptable weight range~
Yummy! My dinner was delicious. I finished every single bit, licked my bowls clean.

I know my owners loves me lots. Whenever i rest like this beside them, i get pats and strokes. Arhhh, i love you both! *Licks*

PAP* - Part II

It's not bedtime yet cos' i still wanna play!!
*PAP = Play and Play

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Dogter Harry Doggy

Taken from The Straits Times, Friday, 29 August 2008. This beagle Dogter Harry Doggy should be one of the brightest and most educationally qualified among its race, well at least on paper, with a Doctor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences. According to the article, Dr Harry Beagle was given his DOGTORATE (lol) for US$599 from one of the many bogus degree mills which are no bigger than an office unit. Nevertheless, Dr Harry Beagle looks absolutely sharp with that grad hat on!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Ice: She loves licking at them
Baby carrots: make her stools HARD! its good right ?? hard stools...
Natural Balance Ultra Premium Kibbles: 1 cup per meal , 2 meals per day

Monday, 1 September 2008

Obi! - My neighbour

(lets check her out!*sniff sniff)

Mino: Oh walk was so exciting today cos i met Obi! so muscular n handsome! especially his tail so bushy=)

Whats so funny?

oblivious to how she looks after playing a game of tug.

East Coast Park!

Today, we brought Mino to East Coast Park for a walk. Halfway through, it started to rain. So we brought her to seek shelter and take a rest at the HK Cafe.
While we drank tea, Mino also had her tea-time... TREATS!!!

Mino: Rain rain go away, little Mino wants to play!
Wanzi: This picture melts my heart~!
'Weirdog' didn't dare to into the water, so funny.