Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wanzi's trip to Taiwan

Wanzi was away for a week, she went to Taipei (P.s: for her Arashi, she flew to Taipei!!! Gosh!). Sadly, she didn't bring me along (Else, i would have told Nino that "I'm Mino"!).
She misses me sooo much and showed my photos to her friends during her gatherings. They all agreed that i'm too cute! (Arghz, she told them i can be a monster sometimes) T_T

Thankfully, i got presents from her too! That's the first thing she bought in Taipei! Furthermore, she had to buy these toys! The beagle on the tag reminds her of me... Do we really look alike?That's me with a bit of Liam in the picture!
Here's the beagle on the toy's tag!

Fyi, i'm gonna make the humans lose count on my toys. They keep records of my destruction history! Bad humans! See my toy pics here: <--- Btw, i'm proud of my toys collection! (^_^)v Here's some pics of puppies from the shop where she bought my toys~!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Beagle puppies

On 26/10/08, Liam & Wanzi went to Pet Safari @ Simei to see the mini beagle puppies. They adopted me when i was turning one and all they have is one little pic of me while i was younger...

Imagine 2 grown ups, squatting by the glass panel... going "goo goo gaa gaa" over the 2 beagles puppies... "Awww so cute etc"... I'm so jealous obviously!

See, i AM very cute too!
Dear furry pals...
Care to share some of your puppies pics with me? I wanna see!! Heehee...

Liam & Wanzi: Hey Mino! That's because we've never seen a real beagle puppy with our very own eyes, nor held it in our hands before... we can't help thinking how is Mino like when she was younger? Is she a terrorist like she is now?! Oops! Kidding~

Monday, 27 October 2008

Let Mino catch a wink please!!

Time for Mino's nap~! She slept between the sofas... and i caught her catching a wink! Ain't she adorable!!! (^_^)b After her dinner that day, Wanzi allowed her "occasional roams" beyond the living and dining room... she ran straight to Liam's brother room (Batman)... and she pee-ed on Batman's bed shortly after! This is the 2nd time it happened... the first time was during the week Wanzi was away in Taiwan!

Wanzi's conclusion: Mino is being nice, she wanted to teach Batman to slp at the correct time, like her. So the solution was... ... ... the rest is history!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Shower Time 2

Lol i just gotta post these pictures... she doesnt seem to struggle at all when bathing... even during drying when i put her on a stool to blow dry her using a hairdryer, she would calmly be in a sit position while i comb n dry her... but she still doesnt like the sea....

Friday, 10 October 2008

SPCA World Animal Day - Paws at the Beach 2

more pics..... another, and the only beagle at ECP, not obi... shabin(hope this is correct) 9mths old and bigger than mino whom is older.

utt and

Sunday, 5 October 2008

SPCA World Animal Day - Paws at the Beach

In conjunction with World Animal Day, SPCA organised this Paws at the Beach event to create public awareness against responsible pet ownership. Event was held at East Coast Park on 5 Oct. Luckily the morning rain stopped and we were able to walk to ECP.
This St Benard is HUUUUUGE!! a star attraction at the event.. everyone snapping away...

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Man Utd Fan *not her choice.

Mino: No, don't punish me! I wun eat cotton from my bed and bite the sofa again! Wait, i never what!#$% why u trap me in this red vest?

Liam: Kukuduuku thinks i am punishing her. look at her tail...=p got this vest from Man Utd Megastore online. plan to bring her out on match days with early kick off.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pink tshirt

Hehe am i pretty???