Sunday, 24 August 2008

It's playtime! Mino's Toys~ a.k.a. to destroy!!!

Here's a picture of her toys' collection... as of today, 3 week after her arrival!.
In sequence of our purchases:
01) Peanut butter flavored Tennis Balls (Condition: Poor)
Her first toy, bought by Liam. Loves to play fetch & ball hunting~

02) Red kong bone (Condition: Poor, chipped)
A toy where we can put treats at the sides of the bone for her to dig it out...
Since it is now chipped, she only chew & bite on it..
03) Blue & white pacifier (Condition: Poor, chipped)
Supposed to be an 'indestructable' chewing toy...

04) Newpaper squeal toy (Condition: Destroyed)
First toy which Wanzi bought for her. It only lasted 1 night (T_T)

05) Banana flavored rope (Condition: Poor, dirty)

She loves to play tug. After tugging, she will chew on it at a corner...
A monsterous look when she plays tug! Heehee. Here's a innocent look while trying to enjoy her rope at a corner of the house...

06) Blue & Pink rope ball (Condition: Poor, Dirty)
It's filled with her saliva.

07) Black & yellow rings (Condition: Excellent)

A little heavy for her... still did not managed to learn how to tug with these rings yet~ but she
enjoys biting it. Lol!

EDIT: New toys (as of 25 Oct 08)
08) Rope frisbee (Condition: Destroyed)
This is the second toy that lasted only 1 night.

09) Pink rope (Condition: Poor, Dirty)
Finally! After soooo many weeks, Liam's maid opened it for her!! It just looked like a dirty mop now~

10) Rope toy with handle for tugging (Condition: Brand new)

11) Pink squeaky donut toy (Condition: Destroyed)
Less than 5 mins later, it got dirtied and she bit off the tag. In another min, bit a hole out of it. Destroyed totally few days later. Least it lasted longer than we expected. She used this to play tug & chewx3.

12) Pink squeaky ball (Condition: Poor, Dirty)

13) Nylon bone (Condition: Poor, Dirty)

14) Baseball squeaky toy (Condition: Poor)
15) Rugby squeaky ball toy (Condition: Brand New)
Wanzi bought these toys from Taiwan. In fact, that's the first thing she bought after transport & food! Well, she bought them because she misses Mino and the beagle on the tag looks just like her!

16) Pink clothed frisbee (Condition: Poor, Dirty)
Wanzi bought this toy in hope that Mino will learn how to play frisbee. Apprantly she use this to play tug! But Wanzi is happy cos' she got to play tug with Obi (Mino's friend/boyfriend)!!

17) Nylon bone 2 (Condition: Poor, Dirty)

18) Nylon training exercise dumbbell (Condition: Poor, Chipped)

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Sugar the Beagle said...

Hi Mino,

Thanks for dropping by.

I used to fart a lot too, much against my own will. The situation only improved when I ate lesser vegetable (the doctor says that eating more vegetable may encourage more gases to be produced, and thus fart). My humans also add spoonfuls of yoghurt into my meal everyday and feed me with probiotics once in a while.

Now, the situation has improved. I rarely fart now. =P

Sweet Licks,