Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Mino's origin (speculation)

Mino: Yesterday Liam n me went for a 2 HOUR WALK!! SHIOK AH!!! It was a scary one too. Got so excited when i saw 2 beagles-hunks, so i went up to them to sniff their noses. before i knew it, one of them barked n pounced on me. I was too stunned to do anything as Liam pulled me away while i cried n whined. For the rest of the walk, i stuck close to him and was too afraid to approach any other dogs.

Liam: Sad Mino, I realised alot of dogs don't really like her. I do not know the reason, maybe she was too stinky yesterday? or they bully her because she is "so small". Which leads me to think, maybe she was from Japan, "so small" lol. Maybe thats y she was given a Jap-sounding name by her ex-owner. She weighs 7.5kg currently, "so small". weird*


Cocoa the Beagle said...

Wow 7.5kg so small! I think Mino is one of those 13" beagles that are rarer in sg. Yeah in Jap they have lots of 13" female beagles that weigh like 6-7kg. I'm a 15" type and I weigh 12kg.

Sugar the Beagle said...

Hi Mino,

I did a little research off the web and the ideal weight for a beagle is between 11.8 kg to 14.1kg. (From http://www.petobesityprevention.com/weight_ranges.htm)

However, my human Rane thinks that as long as your weight is proportionate to your height and build/frame, it's fine.

Even though a beagle's ideal weight should be somewhere around 14kg for a 15", the vet thinks that it's okay for me to reduce my weight to 15kg, mainly because I'm a bit taller and longer than most beagles. (I am currently 3kg overweight.)

In other words, I don't meet the SKC nor AKC criteria for a beagle. That's not an issue for me though, because my humans still love me loads.

Since you have a small bone frame, then there shouldn't be an issue because you are in proportion. However, if your owners can see an indentation of your tummy from an aerial view, then you might be a little on the skinny side.

If your mummy and daddy are still worried about you being a bit on the smaller side, Rane strongly suggests that you raise the issue with your family vet the next time you visit him/her.

Meanwhile, stay happy =)

Sweet Licks,