Monday, 19 July 2010

Identity Crisis~ Who am i?!

18 Jul 2010

Liam and Wanzi noticed that i am pretty moody these days. I think it's because i am suffering from identity crisis. Maybe i should try to figure it out myself than to rely on my pawrents.

Fact check
My name is Mino. I'm a miniature beagle adopted by my current pawrents Liam & Wanzi.

Possibility A
I am related to the famous beagle called Snoopy?!

(Credits: Snoopy picture from

Possibility B
I am originated from Japan?! (See post)

Since day 1, they have speculated that i am originated from Japan due to my name (given by my previous pawrents) and miniature size.

Possibility C
I am originated from Egypt?!

Today, Wanzi commented that i may have actually originated from Egypt. Here's why...
My beagle-tiful picture of me resting on the top of the sofa.

Here's the picture of my "ancestor" from Egypt.
An ancient Egypt statue of a dog... (Credits:

My verdict
With all my doggy might & sense, i conclude that my pawrents are WRONG! All the above are not possible!!!

Both my pawrents are Singaporeans citizens and since i'm born here... it is clear that i am, without any doubt, a Singaporean dog. Also not forgetting that my birthday is on 15 Aug, just days after our National Day.

And of course as a Singaporean dog, like most Singaporeans, i support PAP*!
*To Mino, it means Play And Play (See post & post)

*woof* Any treats for being so smart?!


River said...

We agree! You must be from Singapoor. Either way you are one cool beagle!

love & wags,

Cinnamon said...

Hi Mino - Thank you for visiting our blog! It's nice to know a new Beagle friend!!! I agree too that you are from Singapore. But, I love your Snoopy and Egyptian statue photos!

Both Mint and I are from New Zealand, but I sometimes feel like I am a Japanese doggie because I know many Japanese words.