Saturday, 13 September 2008

I'm a RED DEVIL~!!!

Today, wanzi came to pick me up for walk when Mr. Sun has gone home. It was dark outside and my first walk so late into the night. She brought me to a cafe near our place called "JK Don Cafe & Bar" and i met Liam there. I greeted him and then i realized that both of them are wearing white tops with a huge "AIG" written across.

Liam was so happy because his fav team scored a goal! After i checked-out the area they were at, i started to enjoy myself too. Seeing that i was so well-behaved, i had a treat! Yummy! Then i overheard liam telling wanzi that "Mino is a gd girl, we can bring her out more often!"

Time passes and i started to get a little bored. I got occassional attention from Liam's friends but i just lay there and rest. Wanzi brought me for a short walk and i sniffed all the way. After i returned from my walk, the guys from other side of the cafe started shouting happily. I wondered what happened... but Liam and friends looked sad.

After a while later, the guys on the other side got excited again. I started barking at the television. Wanzi and liam calmed me down and she then turned to me and said "Next time when Man United score a goal, you can say 'ooooh ooooh'."

So it's called Man United, and they were waiting for a goal! Sadly, they lost the match today. Don't worry, they will win the trophies! Because Mino is now a RED DEVIL ...

PS: Sorry, no pictures today...

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