Thursday, 18 September 2008

My name is Mino, not Nino!

Mino: On the day Liam and Wanzi came to adopt me home...

Liam & Wanzi: "Let's call her what her owner named her"
Liam: "So what's her name?"
Friend: "Her name is Mino"
Liam & Wanzi: "Nino?!"
Liam: "How do you spell it?"
Friend: "M. I. N. O"
Liam & Wanzi: *Laughed* and *Phew*

Well you see, Wanzi is crazy (i mean "in love") with this japanese boyband name "Arashi". Arashi consists of 5 handsome boys and one of them is call "Ninomiya Kazunari", fans call him "Nino".

Then Liam pokes at Wanzi: "Lucky she is Mino, not Nino. Else, we gotta find (the rest of Arashi members) Ohno, Sho, Aiba & Jun".
Wanzi: @#$#%$^&&^* "Well, beagles live in packs anyway!" =p

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