Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Unleashed~ Ironic or Coincidence?!

Wanzi: On sunday 14/09/08, Liam and I brought Mino out for a walk. As usual, she would either freeze still or tug to leave whenever she is near any dog (regardless of it's size).

During the walk, we saw a female beagle from the next block. We stopped and greeted each other and Mino was trying to get away. All the time Mino was tugging away from me and the beagle... Suddenly, Mino started running away. I was left there, alone with her leash! Thanks to her petite size, she just squeezed herself off the leash!! Immediately, i went chasing after her. She stopped when i caught up with her, put on her leash~

Ironically (or coincidentally), Liam and I went for a movie the next day. This trailer came on and i just couldn't stop laughing. The scene was almost the same except that I was the one holding the leash, the music wasn't right for the mood... & it was MINO~

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Cocoa the Beagle said...

Mum doesn't dare off-leash me unless we are in the dogrun. She said because beagles are scent hounds, we follow our noses and is very stubborn on recall. She said she can recall Barley easily but not me! How unfair!