Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mino's list of destruction

Here's a list of stuffs which Mino has destroyed:
The buckle of her yellow harness
Sqeaky newspaper toy
Rattan basket bed
Black cover of her pink bedding (Her new bed)
Liam's mother favorite pair of slippers
Rope frisbee toy

Here's a list of stuffs which Mino has been chewing on (despite scoldings):

Edge of wooden cupboard
The massage chair (picture only shows one side of the destruction)
Cloth (Even her own blanket)
Slippers (Caught in the act~!)Bars of the metal gate

Whenever we could not hear her bell from her collar, it would mean that she is up to something mischievous... once we check out what she is up to, she will stop what she's doing and show us her puppy look...

Mino: I'm innocent~ *puppy eyes*

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Cocoa the Beagle said...

Nice job Mino! We aren't any better either. Come see our latest post on what we did last time!