Sunday, 7 September 2008

To diet or not?

Today, liam, wanzi and i went for an hour's walk at the park behind. After the walk, we went to find my handsome neighbour Obi! They read an article which illustrated on the figure of dogs. They praised him that he has the standard bodyline of a dog, and then turned to me and said "But she doesn't have it".

How could they say i don't have a good figure. I'm small in size, it is not a crime to have a tummy! Don't forget that i have good appetite but i exercise+play a LOT!
See! I'm proportionally okay, OK!

Nonetheless, i toyed with the thought of dieting. Was contemplating if i should eat lesser... by sacrificing a quarter of my baby carrot during dinner.
Then i decide not to go on a diet. I'm in the acceptable weight range~
Yummy! My dinner was delicious. I finished every single bit, licked my bowls clean.

I know my owners loves me lots. Whenever i rest like this beside them, i get pats and strokes. Arhhh, i love you both! *Licks*

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